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Frontend Development

Frontend development involves writing instructions that tell the browser what to show to the user and code that runs in the browser on the user’s computer.

Most developers start their journey of learning frontend development by learning HTML and CSS. HTML and CSS are the fundamental building blocks of the web, no website can exist without them, they are essential skills for both frontend and backend developers. HTML is a markup language which explains the structure of a page to the browser and CSS is a way for you to beautify that structure. Here are a few good places to learn HTML, and CSS - To add more functionality to your website, you need to learn JavaScript, the browser’s programming language. JavaScript is a scripting language which allows us to run code in the user’s browser to do things like change the website’s content without requiring a reload. However, nowadays JavaScript is not just limited to browsers, through the Node.js runtime developers can now run JavaScript on the server! This allows them to write both - their frontend code and their backend code, in one language.
Workshopper’s Javascripting is a good interactive way to learn JavaScript fundamentals.
The MDN tutorial goes over how JavaScript is used in the browser.
Learning modern ES6 features is a must to write modern and elegant JavaScript, this website is a nice reference. Since the code you write might not run in your browser due to ES6 being the cutting-edge of JavaScript, you’ll need a transpiler, a program that translates new cutting-edge JavaScript to older syntax so that your can run in older browsers that haven’t implemented ES6 features,
this tool provides an online transpiler so that you don’t have to setup your own.

After learning the basics of JavaScript, you might want to add a popular JavaScript UI framework (something that allows you to dynamically control what shows up on the user’s screen based on certain parameters) to your list of frontend skills. You have a few options. Currently, the most popular JavaScript UI framework is React.js, an offering from Facebook, Vue.js is a close second.
Angular by Google was a popular option in the past, but it is slowly being phased out by React and Vue. We recommend starting with React since it is the most widely used out of the three, and therefore has the largest library of learning resources. To learn React, you need to look no further than the official React tutorial, React is known to have some of the best documentation in the JavaScript community. After getting a feel for the library and understanding how it works, you can start building projects! Some good beginner project ideas are - Backend Development
Backend development involves writing code that will run on the server, not on the client’s browser (like in frontend development). You can use almost any programming language to write backend code, however a few recommended options are Node.js, Ruby, PHP and Python. Before diving into backend development, you should learn the fundamentals of your chosen language, this will make it a lot easier to learn a framework and write good, structured code - Congratulations! You now know a programming language. It is important to note that these languages are general purpose and can do many things other than web development. To write efficient backend code, you’ll need to learn a backend framework, unless you learn PHP in which case, you can use PHP alone to write server-side programs although learning a framework is recommended. Here is a list of popular frameworks for each language mentioned and links to tutorials - Additional Skills

Software development uses a plethora of tools to create products and it is very important to have at least an elementary understanding of these tools and know your way around them.
  • Finding answers: This is without question the most important skill to master as a developer. Due to the scale of the internet whatever problem you are facing right now, someone has probably already solved and documented it. To be a good developer it is essential for you to know how to find this documentation.
  • Linux is an open-source operating system on which 96.3% of the internet’s top 1 million web servers run. If you want to become a backend developer, your code will probably run on a Linux machine. Due to Linux being the de facto production environment of the web, most popular development tools work best on Linux and as a result development is faster and easier on Linux.
  • The shell is a text-based interface to your computer and is often the fastest way to do things. It may feel slightly unintuitive at first, but once you get comfortable daily tasks like moving and renaming files will become a lot more fluid. There are many different shells to choose from but most Unix-like systems (MacOS, Linux) have bash pre-installed. This is a good bash tutorial.
  • Git is a version-control system created by Linus Torvalds to make versioning and collaborating on software projects easier. It is commonly used in the development world when multiple people have to collaborate on a software project virtually. This is a good git tutorial.
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Really nice list of resources :O thanks for sharing!
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