How to create a Brand Identitity: A Designer Perspective

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Brand Identity : Role of the Designer

“Design is the silent ambassador of your brand”

Brand identity is the field of study which helps businesses and entrepreneurs answer these essential questions.

What does the brand symbolise?
What mission and vision does it have?
How strong are the roots and team behind the brand?
How is it different from other brands?
What kind of message does it want to communicate to its audience?

These are the core foundations of any business. Be it an SME , MNC or a startup, this is the first and foremost essential step towards creating a successful venture.

Yes, we are talking about design here! Specifically the role of designers in the domain. A strong design resource helps provide a firm backbone to the identity of a brand. We will understand this in detail later.

What Is Brand identity?

Brand Identity is the collection of creative elements that a company creates in order to portray the right image to its audience. Brand Identity comprises design aspects of- The Logo, Colour Palette, Typography, Image style and overall look and feel.

Brand identity should not be misinterpreted as “brand image” or “branding”. Branding largely refers to the marketing principles that a company adopts.

Beginning with Graphic Design: Branding & Identity

Significance Of A Brand Identity

All companies aren’t brands! A “brand” is the perception of the company in the eyes of the world. Only the ones successful enough to have a perception are termed as brands. The word carries a powerful meaning amongst consumers. It helps to build a bond. When a brand is established, there is a certain degree of ‘trust’ that is imbibed within the customers, which eventually drives the profit.

Ofcourse, a company is only as good as the quality of products/services it provides, but the first impression is the last impression! A strong brand identity helps shape up perception and is a great asset to have.

How To Develop A Strong Brand Identity

The first step to creating a strong identity is to chalk down the foundations of your business on a piece of paper. Think of the business as an individual person and try to carve an emotional as well as a physical image in your mind. Note down these aspects of your business-

[*]Uniqueness ( How different from others )
[*]Voice ( if your brand was a person, how would it communicate? )

The second step is to lay a strong design foundation to it. It is essential to structure the design creation process and provide guidelines to the design team. Once the vision, mission and message are clear in your head, it’s time to start building the identity. It is important to know that Brand Identity is a creative process, the more you brainstorm and play around with ideas, the more likely you are to churn out something extraordinary.

Understanding Important Aspects

Before you go all in and jump into the creation process, it is important to understand these key design aspects that will help you achieve a great brand identity.


Your typographic palette helps to bind all communications together creating brand consistency and memorability. Many brands create their own fonts. The fonts are categorised into Serif, Sans Serif , Display Fonts and Script. Each has its own features and convey a different emotion altogether. Choosing the right ones that successfully engage your audience is key.

Explore the art of fonts, and choose the best for your business.

Color palette

Different colours affect the mind in different ways. This makes it extremely important to understand which colours to choose and what kind of message you desire to communicate when your audience engages. The psychology of colour in itself is a big field of study. First impressions of customers are based on the colours they interact with.

Explore the world of colour. The psychology, it’s impact’s and various techniques to create a good palette.

Form / Shape

It is true, different shapes convey different emotions. You need to know that the customer doesn’t share your office room to understand everything about your company vision. What kinds of shapes and forms you decide to choose for your logo is an essential aspect to decide beforehand.

A great insight into Shape theory. How different shapes affect the mind.

The Creative Elements- Role Of The Design Team


Your logo is your strongest asset. It symbolises your business. When working with the designer, you want to achieve these targets with your design-

Clearly communicates who you are and what you value as a brand
Visually appealing: Simplicity is always appreciated
An evergreen design: Design doesn’t get outdated with time.
Makes a lasting impression on your audience.

What makes a truly great Logo-


Can't stress the importance of this enough! The website is one of the most representative features of your Identity. Especially in an age of cutthroat digital competition, having a comprehensive website design is a must.

These ‘Web design trends 2020’ will give you many ideas and inspirations-

Product packaging

If your product is a physical one, then product packaging is key to impressing your customers. A great packaging is one of the most effective ways to build brand loyalty. In the last decade, the industry has seen a big shift towards eco-friendly and sustainable forms of packaging from the conventional methods.
Some genius packaging designs you should see!

Email Design

Email is a powerful way to engage your customers and drive business. Most people have a tendency to avoid marketing emails, thus to stand apart you need to adopt the right design strategies that are impactful.

Email Design tips and tricks

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