How To Get Good at Quizzing

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Many of us will recall youthful evenings in front of the television watching students battle it out in the BournVita Quiz Contest☕
But since its last episode was broadcasted, there has been no all-India show produced on such a scale.
In recent times, we have had the National Olympiads and NTSE (National Talent Search Exam) - once again emphasising on the significance of quiz platforms at the national level. To reinvent the education system and give students a break from traditional classroom learning, there is a crucial need to revive the quiz culture in schools and colleges, using the latest technologies to make it more innovative.

Besides the academic benefits of expanding a student's knowledge and exploring new skills at an early age, quizzes redefine the education system in significant ways.😇
Interactive platform: Quizzes serve to act as interactive platforms where students are not participating to take home a prize or pursue fame, but to gain knowledge, seek opportunities to excel beyond academics and secure their future.
Changes scope of learning: Since questions are based out-of-syllabus and require critical thinking and substantial research, students get into the habit of innovative learning from an early age.
Encourages teamwork: Students need to form teams while participating in quizzes, giving them an opportunity to sharpen their teamwork skills.

Quizzing is not just about assembling enormous amounts of knowledge. It’s more about using your existing knowledge to make educated guesses. Persistence is the key. Here are some tips on how to evolve into a good quizzer –
Be curious : For children and adults alike, curiosity has been linked with psychological, emotional, social and even health benefits. In order to become a good quizzer, one has to be curious enough to dig for facts and current affairs. It is essential to have daily updates of what’s happening all over the world.
“Practice makes a man perfect.” : This is the very dharma, the daily ritual of a quizzer. You need to practice till you drop. You may stumble. You may stutter. But do not, ever, give up!

You can try out these awesome videos in order to practice your quizzing skills and also to know where you actually stand –

Read a lot : Cultivate the habit of reading; starting from your textbooks, novels, non-fictions to the covers of the shampoos, soap, food packets and screen guard packets. If you don't like eBooks, borrow them from friends or better, buy them.

1. Develop a taste for variety. This variety ensures that you get to see the world in a different perspective. Jot down the points that touched you and remember them.
2. Do a lot of internet surfing. Refer to Wikipedia and blogs of different kinds.

Read up on old quizzing archives : It’s impossible to win a quiz solely by a few week’s preparation. It is the result of months of curiosity and research which shows off in a quiz. Last minute studies don’t really help. In order to ensure your victory in a quiz contest, you need to prepare bit by bit, daily.

1. One of the best sources are the old quizzing archives. They are quite informative and enrich us with almost all that we need to know, at a time.
2. Try to solve the old quizzing archives without looking up for answers. This will help to test your quiz skills and also, keep you at practice.
3. Figure out the various in-question hints that connect to lead to answer. The answer often lies in between the questions. Try to work your mind out creatively and look up for the hints hidden inside the question.

Attend multiple quizzes : For beginners, try to attend multiple quizzes. Do not get disheartened if you don’t qualify. It takes time to attain perfection in any skill. Be patient and do not give up under any circumstance. Note down whatever you learn from the quiz and research more about it later on. Challenge yourself, make your own questions and test your abilities.

1. Guessing : Knowledgeable guessing is a huge factor for successful guessing. It is very much important to be well acquainted with all kinds of information. During a quiz, if you are knowledgeable about most of the topics, it becomes easy to guess from within the given options. This increases your chances of victory.
2. Confidence in intuition increases : Maintaining a habit of engaging oneself in quiz participation and attending several quizzes, increases his confidence in his intuition.

The future of quizzing lies in our desire to transform learning for our students. Though there is no end to the learning process, this form of learning goes a long way in ensuring that students lead high-quality, productive lives. While the tools are in abundance, the focus needs to be on the content. Quizzing is not just about General Knowledge, but about connecting the dots, reading between the lines and arriving at a conclusion. It needs to focus on logical reasoning. Every parent should encourage their children to be curious for more knowledge and should teach them how to channel that into something productive. Enjoy quizzing! 😀😁
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